Friday, February 13, 2009

Who knew that the ancient chinese do mole face-reading? Women here, men here. Lucky for me, I have lots of moles.

I shall focus on the most obvious moles on my face: one above my eyebrow, one near my jaw line, two kind of near my ear, one on my ear, and one kind of where a monroe piercing would be.

According to the ancient chinese, I have:
  • Luck
  • Bad luck to subordinates
  • Prone to self-harm
  • Longevity
  • Good husband
  • Low self esteem


twb said...

Some of mine:
1- Uncontrollable Sexual Lust
2- Bad Luck to SIL (perfect)
8- Indulge in Sexual Lust
11 & 15- Happy Marriage
41 & 52- Longevity

brenbot said...

You guys have a lot of face moles.

42 - Prone to self-harm
48 - Low self-esteem


Damion said...

66 - Poops too much
68 - Has a large penis
77 - is awesome
78 - loves corn more than Tamra

Jared said...

41 Prone to accident with water
46 Prone to accident with water