Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tango Alfa Mike Romeo Alfa

I have to give long, complicated passphrases at work to people over the phone. I am horrible at enunciating, so I usually have to give an example of what the letter is I'm saying. On the spot though, I always stall and it seems like I can only think of really inappropriate examples. So, today, I memorized the military phonetic alphabet. You should too!

A - Alfa (how it was spelled in the manual I memorized from)
B - Bravo
C - Charlie
D - Delta
E - Echo
F - Foxtrot
G - Golf
H - Hotel
I - India
J - Juliet
K - Kilo
L - Lima
M - Mike
N - November
O - Oscar
P - Papa
Q - Quebec
R - Romeo
S - Sierra
T - Tango
U - Uniform
V - Victor
W - Whiskey
X - X-ray
Y - Yankee
Z - Zulu

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brenbot said...

weird. this is pretty much my post here. we really are twins separated by 4 years.