Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Jared has given me so much crap since he overheard me on Saturday say Paul Rudd is hot. I think he was a little surprised since I rarely talk about people being hot, and I think he was a little bothered/hurt. It's been pretty rad seeing him do a little posturing and all (i.e. walking into the kitchen with his shirt off saying how this is what a real man looks like). Just another one of the reasons I love Jared.

So as not to surprise him in the future, I will fully disclose, in my opinion, the top 4 hottest celebrities (I was gonna do 5 but I can't think of any more that I consider hot):

#1 Milla Jovavich: No surprise here. Everyone knows I love her.

#2 Michael Rosenbaum: Everyone teases me about this, but I think he is very attractive and he's super funny in interviews, and, yes, I admit to watching Smallville.

#3: Paul Rudd: Good lookin' and witty!

#4: Zoey Deschanel: She's so cute and sweet, and I love her voice in Elf, and, yes, I'm totally trying to copy her hair.


Cheryl said...

I love that Zoey is on your list. She's one of my favorites, too --and I love her hair! I didn't realize you were copying her, but now it makes sense. :)

Paul Rudd is definitely hot.

P.S. That Jared guy is pretty hot, too --for a brother. Ha! You know what I mean...

Jared said...

It didn't help that the first picture that came up when we googled him was this:

tamrobot said...

jared - seriously worst picture ever. do you think it was a joke?

brenbot said...

his boxers on the floor next to the bed, gross.

Jared said...

Awww thanks Cheryl Sydney Bristow