Monday, April 20, 2009

NOT FUNNY Things Kids Say

The first day we taught the kids class at church we asked the kids what some of their favorite things to do in church were. A few of the kids said Hang Man. Since Hang Man isn't a very Christian or PC game to play, we changed it to Hang Spider. When we'd play, the kids or Jared and I would choose what to hang - we've done black widows, bees, jerusalem crickets, and I think an eye ball.

On Sunday, all the kids ran ahead of us to our classroom. We had to stay behind and help one of the kids who can't walk. As we walked in, the kids were all chanting, "Let's play Hang Obama. Hang Obama. Hang Obama."

Seriously. Not. Funny.

Is it okay for me to talk to all of their parents and give them guilt trips? Their kids are all freakin monsters.

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Vagiunta said...

You should play Hang Pope.