Wednesday, August 23, 2006

haha, so I sent Dannon a comment on their website about finding the ant and guess what... Dannon called me at work today! Brenna was laughing so hard after she answered the phone.. Tamra, Dannon is on the phone for you! I had to compose myself before talking to them to not laugh. They asked me all sorts of questions and they are sending me a package to collect the "specimen" I threw the yogurt in the trash at work so I had to dig the yogurt out of the package. Alas, I could no longer find the ant. I did, however, find a dead ant, conspicuously close to the spoons. I suppooooooose its possible that the dead ant was somehow connected to the spoon and then I put it in the yogurt and THEN noticed the ant. I can't really remember.

So, should I send them the other ant I found (it would've been an honest mistake) or should I just write them a note that I couldn't find it? I'd hate to return the package empty handed. I wonder who does those tests? That seems like a pretty cool, funny job... testing items found in food ...

They're supposed to send me one coupon for yogurt with the specimen collection package. If I sent the specimen back and then they run tests on them than they might send more coupons. I probably won't be eating yogurt for a while anyways, but the whole process sounds kind of fun..

MORAL OF THE STORY: if you ever find something in your food, don't necessarily throw it away. preserve it if you want free coupons.

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