Friday, June 19, 2009


Cleaned house last night. Feels good.

Got car cleaned car at this place, which was awesome, thanks to Brenna's recommendation. Those guys there rule.

Bought resistance bands from Big-5 and did all kind of exercises with them the other night. Plus a bunch of crunches. I'm super sore. On top of that, at running club last night one of the girls made us do a Pilates workout, which was HARDCORE. Probably more intense than the track workout, which was pretty hard.

Also, am going to start being really good about wearing my seatbelt thanks to this article.


Sweet Mike said...

That car wash is way good. Much cheaper than that child molester Lenny Dykstra. Haha.

I can't take my car to any of those places anymore. It's too low to go through the machine.

Tamra said...

On Memorial Day when you were over at Omar and Steve's house, some guy (friend of Steve's girlfriend I think) was asking who had the sweet car. I think you had already left by then.