Monday, May 11, 2009

Funny Things Kids Say and Do

In church on Sunday, I let each of the kids say something about their mom or what they did for their mom for Mother's Day. Most of the kids took time saying what they did for their mom, ie cleaning the house, making food, etc. When it was one of the girl's (Sarah's) turn to speak she proceeded to talk about her trip with her family to the Arctic where they played with penguins and saw seals. I asked her if she went there this weekend and she answered, no, that it was a few years ago. The kids then returned to their mom stories, and then when it was one of the boy's turns, he proceeded to say that he went to the same place as Sarah with his family and that they had gotten to train sharks.

Also, Sarah was the only kid who seemed to genuinely like the treat we brought them - figs. We tried to sell it to them as food that Jesus ate that also kind of looks like alien food, but to no avail. I guess its not a big surprise that Sarah liked them since she has already admitted to eating her boogers and liking them.

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